Nature at Work is about engaging people with nature to create happier, more productive, greener workplaces. When people connect with nature they are 

  • More flexible, innovative and open to new ideas

  • More tolerant, considerate and generous towards colleagues

  • More creative, positive, autonomous, and better at problem-solving

  • More open to different perspectives, see the bigger picture and more able to make sense of complex ideas. 

  • Have a greater sense of meaning and purpose (which in turn improves wellbeing, energy and motivation)

  • Experience more job satisfaction and be more loyal to their employers

  • Have better memory and brain function making them better at learning

  • More aware of their individual and organisational impact on the wider world

Nature at Work means incorporating nature into our work with individuals, teams and organisations.  We harness the power of nature in a variety of ways, such as:


  • Identifying nature’s principles and applying these to organisational processes such as planning or decision-making.

  • Solving individual and organisational problems by drawing on nature’s 4.5 billion years of experience and wisdom.

  • Looking to nature for ideas, inspiration, and lessons.

  • Enabling nature work its magic on us, so that we become happier, healthier, and better at our jobs.

Some examples of how we do this include:

  • Facilitating nature immersion processes to help people find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose

  • Running leadership programmes based around leadership lessons from nature

  • Using metaphors from nature to help organisations make sense of changing, complex environments in order to develop new strategies or evolve their organisational culture.

  • Facilitating nature-based development days to help teams improve communication, collaboration and trust.

  • Using TetraMap and the four elements of nature to provide a frameowrk

“Leading for Good"


By acknowledging and nurturing our connection with nature and by looking to nature for solutions, inspiration and ideas, we can improve the way organisations work and create real and lasting benefits for individuals, organisations, the planet and future generations


“He who is in harmony with Nature hits the mark without effort and apprehends the truth without thinking.”  Confucius


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Nature at Work