Leading for a Better World

Transforming leadership to create a brighter future for people and planet

This event has been CANCELLED due to the Corona virus. We're planning to run a series of online workshops on the nature of leadership for a better world, with a view to running this event in 2021


How can we help create a better future for people and the planet?

How can we generate transformative change by changing the way we lead?


Join us for an inspirational day of talks, workshops and networking, and discover how
we can all make a difference through more enlightened leadership. 

In partnership with:

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Our challenge is to leave the legacy of a loving, peaceful, sustainable and thriving world for generations to come. Join us at this exciting and innovative one-day conference to... 

  • Learn how and why an enlightened approach to leadership is necessary

  • Discover how businesses and organisations can benefit from a culture of compassion for people and the natural world whilst still achieving success.

  • Gain practical tools and skills to help you and others lead in a way that promotes social justice, economic equity, the rights of nature, and a healthy and sustainable planet.

  • Connect with others to share experiences, learn from each other, and build alliances.

  • Explore the Eden Project and be inspired by its story and its vision for the future.


Mac Macartney: An international speaker, writer and change-maker, Mac intertwines the quest for meaning and purpose, organisational leadership, nature, identity and the role of ordinary people in shaping a future fit for generations to come. His profound and original insights inspire the leader in each of us to take courageous action for a better world. More about Mac

Jon and Yoshimi Brett: Twenty years ago, Jon and Yoshimi created TetraMap, by combining lessons from ancient Chinese philosophy about Nature’s Elements with Buckminster Fuller’s scientific approach to ‘make the world work’ with the aim of reducing conflict, strengthening inter-dependence, and to encouraging a positive connection with nature. Their legacy is a tool that is now used by individuals and organisations around the world. More about Jon and Yoshimi

Safia Minney MBE:  An award-winning social entrepreneur and founder of People Tree, the pioneer of sustainable fashion, Safia is recognised by the World Economic Forum as an Outstanding Social Entrepreneur and is a leading influencer in Sustainability, Anti-Modern Slavery and Fair Trade, and now runs a consultancy business to promote leadership for sustainable business and responsible supply chains. More about Safia




Workshops will enable you to focus on what you can do within your own life and work to help build a sustainable future for people and the planet.  Facilitators will incorporate creative approaches to help you to ...

  • Focus on your own self-awareness and personal growth (doing the inner work to achieve the outer change)

  • Develop your business or organisation (working differently to promote a just, equitable, and environmentally sustainable world)

  • Understand the bigger picture (valuing interdependence and interconnectedness and being aware of our impact and how to use it for good)

Who is it for?


  • People in positions of leadership within businesses, organisations and communities

  • Consultants, facilitators and trainers in the leadership and organisational development fields

  • Changemakers – people who care about the future and want to take action

  • People who want to understand why a different type of leadership is required to generate positive change 

  • People who want to meet and connect with others who have an interest in leadership for a better world


We're running this conference in partnership with other organisations and leadership development professionals who want to generate positive change in the world. We fundamentally believe that we can make more of a difference when we collaborate with others than when we work alone, and we hope that this exciting and inspiring day will  be the first step in identifying and bringing together a movement of people and organisations who want to create a better future for people and the planet through enlightened, compassionate, collaborative leadership.

Tickets (Price includes entry to Eden Project)

                                                     Early Bird (on or before 14th August)       Standard rate (after 14th August)


Individuals, charities, public sector                     £125 + vat                                               £145 + vat

Companies                                                            £165 + vat                                               £190 + vat



There are plenty of local options for overnight accommodation. You could even make a weekend of it.

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