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Holistic Leadership Workshops
Online workshops to help leaders create a better future for people and planet

The Power of Imagination

Friday 20th May 11am-12.30pm on Zoom

If we want to generate a better future for people and planet we must be able to imagine what this future looks like.

While imagination (the ability to see things as if they could be otherwise) is key to social, environmental, cultural and political transformation, it has been devalued by our organisational, political, and educational systems over the years and is rarely considered a key capability for leaders. Our ability to use our imagination has been eroded but we need leaders who have the ability to imagine how things could be different, and who can unleash imagination in others.


In this workshop we'll... 

  • Explore the role of imagination in leadership 

  • Consider why it is so important for generating positive change

  • Identify how to develop a “What if?” mindset 

  • Identify the conditions required for individuals, organisations and communities to imagine a different future

Perceptions of Leadership

Friday 1st July 11am-12.30pm on Zoom

Despite overwhelming evidence to show that compassionate, collaborative leaders who empower others are more effective in their leadership roles, most people think that good leaders have to be heroic, masculine, and powerful.

This is why so many damaging leaders get into positions of power, and why some of the very best leaders have limited impact in their workplaces/communities/the wider world.  A fundamental shift of understanding is needed among "followers" about what constitutes good leadership if things are to change. 

In this workshop we'll...

  • Look at the research into perceptions of leadership and its implications

  • Explore how we, as leaders or leadership development professionals, can help to shift perceptions of what good leadership is

  • Identify how we can help generate a world of compassionate, humble, feminine, regenerative leadership

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Leadership

Friday 9th September 11am-12.30pm on Zoom

Regardless of our gender, it’s essential to bring our masculine (Yang) and feminine (Yin) into harmony if we are to create a world where the focus is on compassion, justice and sustainability for people and planet rather than consumption and profit.


We all need to challenge traditional leadership narratives based on masculine principles (such as strength, confidence, power, and authority) and embrace feminine leadership principles (such as connection, listening, empowerment, support, collaboration, and humility.)  

In this workshop we’ll...

  • Explore the masculine/feminine distinction and how this differs from gender 

  • Consider how, whatever our gender, we can create balance and harmony between our masculine and feminine leadership energies

  • Identify and understand when, where and why these different leadership energies can either help us or hinder us as leaders

Reconnection and Leadership

Friday 27th January 11am-12.30pm on Zoom

Over the centuries, a number of disconnections have taken place which have had a deeply damaging effect on people and planet and reconnecting these is essential if we are to create a positive difference in the future.


These disconnections include the separation of humans from nature, the separation of the masculine and feminine, the separation of mind and body, and the separation of our inner and outer worlds. These have all had an impact on individuals and societies as well as on leadership.

In this workshop we’ll...

  • Explore what these disconnections are, how they happened, and what their impact has been

  • Consider how these disconnections relate to leadership and how we can redress the balance

  • Identify what we can do as leaders or leadership development professionals to promote reconnection within our own areas of work

Cost: £35 + vat each or book all four for £100 + vat and save £40

There are a maximum of 12 places per workshop so book now to be sure of your place. 
If there is sufficient demand we'll schedule more workshops.

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