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Organisational Development

We help organisations to be more


  • Purposeful and effective

  • Resilient and sustainable

  • Happy and harmonious

  • Creative and positive

We use our unique Saltbox style to help organisations to explore, challenge and review what they do and how they do it, and to generate and implement new ways of doing things. Some of our work in this area includes:


  • Developing leadership competencies and behaviours

  • Developing organisational vision and values

  • Creating a learning culture and growth mindset

  • Shaping organisational culture

  • Improving charity/housing association Board effectiveness

We either use existing tools and approaches such as those outlined below, or we create a bespoke approach specifically to meet your organisational needs.

“Saltbox completed a holistic review of our board’s all-round effectiveness, and appraised and coached individual members to help them identify their development needs and realise their potential. The interactive workshop combined with the data gathered on individual performance has enhanced the Board’s effectiveness and ability to steer the Society strategically. I would highly recommend the Saltbox approach.”
Donna Johnson, Chief Executive, South Western Housing Society

Download a free copy of our "Nature at Work" playbook (more fun than a workbook!) full of useful information and ideas to help you and your organisation engage with nature to create a happier and more sustainable workplace

Nature at Work

Nature at Work is a framework and a set of tools which help organisations to be more effective. By looking to nature for solutions, inspiration and ideas, we can improve the way organisations work and create real and lasting benefits for individuals, the organisation, and the environment. When organisations use the Nature at Work model to improve their performance, they also improve their relationship with nature and become more environmentally and socially responsible. 

Across the Board


Across the Board is a package of activities to help charities and Housing Associations to review and improve the effectiveness of their Board/Trustees. The process helps organisations to identify and meet Board members’ individual and collective development needs, improves the way the Board communicates, collaborates, and works as a team, and enhances the leadership from the Board so that it operates more strategically and makes better decisions.



TetraMap® is a simple but powerful tool which helps organisations to be more effective by transforming the way they communicate, collaborate, make decisions, solve problems, and plan projects or strategies. TetraMap helps organisations to develop their organisational culture, create strategies,  evaluate activities, build relationships, and improve leadership by looking at what they do and how they do it in a holistic and comprehensive way.

TetraMap for organisational development
Organisational development in nature
Organisational review
Organisational development activities
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