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TetraMap and the 4 Elements of Nature

TetraMap® is a simple but powerful tool which helps individuals, teams and organisations to be more effective by transforming the way they communicate, collaborate, make decisions, solve problems, and plan projects or strategies.

TetraMap provides a framework for looking at ourselves, our colleagues, our workplaces and the world around us in order to be more sustainable and holistic in our activities.  It uses the four elements of nature, Earth, Air, Water and Fire, as a metaphor to help people to understand themselves and others better, to communicate and collaborate more effectively, and to harness and make the most of the diversity within their team or organisation.

TetraMap helps individuals, teams and organisations to improve their performance, generate great teamwork, develop their organisational culture, plan activities, evaluate projects, build relationships, and improve leadership by looking at issues, problems, experiences, projects, and organisations in a holistic and comprehensive way .

TetraMap certified

“TetraMap brings the ancient wisdom of the elements into a powerful framework for personal and organisational development.

It is a way to harness the power of our natural abilities, build on strengths and enable everyone in the team to reach their potential. Using the four elements as a way to understand myself and the organisation has deepened my understanding of good leadership and given me a powerful tool for the future.” 

Angie Burke, Trust Manager, The Resurgence Trust

Saltbox Director Nicki Davey is a Master TetraMap Facilitator, and most of our associates are Certified TetraMap Facilitators.  We share the language of the elements and use TetraMap not only in our work with clients, but in every aspect of our work and home lives, and we're all inspired by it's power to make a difference to individuals, teams, organisations, communities, and the planet as a whole.

We use TetraMap because its values and principles resonate for us...

TetraMap is inspired by the diversity and inter-dependence of nature. 


TetraMap makes a difference to individuals, communities and the world by connecting us with nature and its timeless principles.


TetraMap promotes tolerance and understanding so we can live and work more peaceably and sustainably.


TetraMap founders, John and Yoshimi Brett, created TetraMap to contribute to their vision of "world peace, where everyone respects each other and our fragile planet."

We Use TetraMap because it works...

​It delivers powerful results very quickly by changing people’s mindsets and behaviour.

It improves the quality of work and enables individuals, teams and organisations do things in more effective ways.

It helps people to really understand each other so they value diversity and work together harmoniously.

It's three-dimensional, visual model and strong metaphor makes it intuitive, memorable, and easy for people

We use TetraMap because it is so versatile and flexible...

It increases self-awareness and helps people to identify, understand, and change their behaviour.

It increases mutual understanding, trust, and collaboration between and within teams.

It improves individual and collective communication.

It provides a framework for planning, reviewing and evaluating.


It enables people to understand, value, and make the most of diverse perspectives and priorities.

® ​TetraMap is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and other countries.

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