Nicki Davey

Nicki is passionate about creating and delivering training that takes individuals and organisations on a journey of joyful discovery and powerful learning. She is inspired by nature, creative arts, and ancient wisdom traditions, and aims to use her skills to help create a more compassionate and sustainable world.

Kate Durrant

Kate is an experienced administrator with an eye for the details and an ability to translate big ideas into workable plans and successful outcomes. She enjoyes using her skills to help Saltbox run smoothly and efficiently and to keep tasks and projects on track.

Mark Pogson Associate

Mark is a registered Shiatsu practitioner and Qigong teacher who uses his extensive knowledge of oriental healing arts and spiritual teachings to improve people's physical and emotional wellbeing. He draws on a range of traditions and his work emphasises the link between energy cultivation and the natural world.

Penny Gundry

Penny is an ICF accredited coach who supports groups and individuals to find new and alternative solutions. She explores the world with beads, buttons, and stones and is the creator of the BeadTrail® process which helps people to solve problems and to gain clarity, healing, renewal and vision.

Sue Judge

Sue loves empowering individuals to be the best version of themselves, and helping employers to create happier, healthier work environments. As a registered nutritional therapist and wellbeing coach, she combines an in-depth knowledge of health and wellbeing with a holistic approach and an engaging, creative training style.

Louisa Potter

Louisa's passion is to lead workshops which leave people feeling empowered. She is a Sundoor trained fire walk and glass walk leader and has experience in creating and leading ceremony. Her inspiration comes from wild primordial landscapes and stories, and from dancing and writing the untamed edges.

Steve Creffield

Steve is passionate about helping individuals and teams to discover their values, purpose and processes, and empowering them to share these with the world using their "authentic voice". Steve is inspired by the art and science of story, the nature of evolution, experiential learning, and empowering design.