TetraMap Facilitator Certification Course

TetraMap® is a simple but powerful tool for improving behaviour, communication, motivation and problem-solving in the workplace. It uses nature as a metaphor to help people understand themselves and others, to open minds and release potential. The Certified TetraMap Facilitator programme is available either as an online or a face-to-face programme.


Why become a TetraMap Facilitator?

TetraMap is inspired by and modelled on the diversity and inter-dependence of nature, and aims to make a difference to individuals, communities and the world.


During the unprecedented era of Coronavirus, we’ve all had the opportunity to reflect on how we live our lives, how we do our work, and how our actions impact on humankind and on planet Earth.  As we all become more aware of our interconnectedness and interdependence and review our priorities, we are considering what changes we need to make in order to create a better future for ourselves, our families, our workplaces, our communities and our planet. 


TetraMap provides the perfect tool to help individuals, teams and organisations to understand themselves and each other, and to help them create the shift in mindset, understanding and behaviour which will not only improve relationships, productivity, performance and culture, but will also help them to work more sustainably and ethically.


TetraMap is underpinned by key lessons from nature which are essential to creating more compassionate, understanding, sustainable individuals, teams and organisations (value diversity,  be sustainable, work inter-dependently, and create synergy). If you add TetraMap to your facilitation “toolbox” you can use this unique and powerful tool to help people to communicate and collaborate more effectively, be more effective leaders, and be more successful in their activities.  


The TetraMap Facilitator Certification programme will enable you to incorporate using TetraMap into your work with both individuals and groups. TetraMap can be incorporated into teambuilding events, leadership programmes, conflict management processes, coaching and more, as well as providing a model for personal development, strategic planning and organisational development


You’ll also gain a deep understanding of the values and vision which shape and drive TetraMap, and explore how TetraMap’s values, principles and approach can help to create a more compassionate and sustainable future for people and planet.


Become a Certified TetraMap Facilitator and gain...

  • TetraMap as an essential addition to your toolkit for individual, team and organisational development

  • The skills and confidence to use TetraMap in a variety of settings

  • The ability to integrate TetraMap into your training, coaching and facilitation

  • A thorough knowledge of TetraMap, the four elements, and the nature metaphor

  • The story of how Jon and Yoshimi Brett combined thinking from both East and West to develop TetraMap

  • Inspiration and ideas for using TetraMap's powerful nature metaphors

  • Tools, techniques, stories and examples to help you promote and apply TetraMap

  • A pack of materials so you can use TetraMap immediately


… and you'll join a growing community of supportive, inspiring trainers, coaches, facilitators, and consultants who are using TetraMap in their work.


“My vision for TetraMap's future is world peace, where everyone respects each other and our fragile planet.” 

John Brett, TetraMap co-founder


TetraMap turns irritants into Insights" 
Kath Dewar, GoodSense Marketing

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Course Details


Online certification programme

April 2021


Friday 16th April 10am-12.30pm

Monday 19th April 9.30am-4.30pm

Tuesday 20th April 9.30am-4.30pm

Plus coaching session dates to be arranged.

Location:  Online (Zoom)

Facilitator: Emma Mauger, Master TetraMap Facilitator

Face-to-face certification programme - November 2021

Wednesday 17th - Thursday 18th November.  Book by 15th October for £200 Early Bird saving 

Location:  Hawkwood College, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Facilitator: Nicki Davey, Master TetraMap Facilitator



The cost of the programme includes all materials, a pack of resources to get you started in your facilitation journey, and lunches/refreshments on face-to-face programmes. We offer an Early Bird discount of £200 on selected programmes - book before 6th August for a £200 saving on the next programme on 2-3 September.

£1,950 plus VAT – corporates  

£1,750 plus VAT – third sector

£1,500 plus VAT – independents

This fee can be paid in instalments if required. 

® ​TetraMap is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and other countries.