Leading for Good


Leading for Good is a 20-week online leadership development programme for those who feel called to generate positive change – whether in their organisation, their community, or the world around them. It involves learning in, with and from nature and is centred around our Holistic Leadership model

The programme emphasises that everyone can be a leader, regardless of position or role, and it enables these leaders to identify and understand their sense of purpose, and to act on it by leading from where they are, so that they can make a difference to their own life, the lives of others or the world at large.

"Initially motivated to join and look at my role in leadership it's actually given me so much more.  I now see how leadership affects all aspects of my life.  It's made me reconnect with the wisdom of nature and see the light and shade of leadership." 
Sarah Abdy, HR & Admin Manager, Gaia House Trust


As you take part in the Leading for Good programme you’ll explore your own narrative about what it means to be a leader and address any barriers that may get in your way as you take a journey from inner awareness to outer expression. You will engage with nature’s wisdom and leave the programme feeling confident about your leadership and your ability to make a difference and help create a better world. You’ll gain...

  • Clarity about your purpose, vision and personal leadership path

  • Practical tools, skills and knowledge to help you on your way

  • A caring community of fellow participants who will both support and challenge you

  • The energy and inspiration to move forward in a way that is aligned with your values and the essence of who you are


"Connecting with nature has been

such a powerful tool, helping me to explore and challenge patterns of behaviour, develop a new senseof purpose and build the confidence to take on challenges and be an effective leader" 
Annie Surtees, Greenspace and Streetscene Manager, Salford City Council


About Holistic Leadership


Traditional notions of a leader suggest someone who is strong, confident, and heroic, or someone who holds power and authority within a structure or hierarchy.


Leading for Good fundamentally challenges this view and is founded on the principle that a leader is someone who is guided by truth and compassion and has the humility and courage to do the right thing. It is built around our Holistic Leadership model, which involves...

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  • Balancing physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual energies

  • Bringing our masculine and feminine sides into harmony

  • Developing courage, wisdom, compassion and vision

  • Using our organising power, intelligence, love and creativity

  • Moving from inner awareness to outward action

 Programme Dates

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The next Leading for Good programme starts in February 2022.

Dates and times of the online workshops to be confirmed.

There are only 8 places available so book now to secure your place or contact us to find out more.


The total programme cost includes all the online workshops, one-to-one coaching sessions, your personal TetraMap profile, and a pack of materials to help you make your leadership journey a success. The fee can be paid in instalments if required.

Early Bird rates: Book before 31st December to secure a £150 discount

  •  Individuals, charities, small companies (<20 staff), public sector: 
    £1,350 + vat (£1200 + vat Early Bird rate)

  • Companies and corporate sector:  £1,700 + vat (£1550 + vat Early Bird rate)

Free taster workshop
Tuesday 16th November 11am-1pm 
Delivered via Zoom

  • Learn about Holistic Leadership and why is it so important in today’s world

  • Experience the power of learning in, with and from nature to develop your leadership skills
    Discover how our Leading for Good programme works 

  • Hear from previous participants about how it has transformed their leadership 

"A breath of fresh air"
"A profoundly moving programme"
"An extraordinary leadership programme"
"A revelation" 
"A life-changing process"
"One of the best things I did in 2020"

"More leadership programmes should be like this"

Facilitated by Nicki Davey and Penny Gundry, Leading for Good is structured as a combination of online and self-managed activities which take place over a 5-month period including:


  • 6 online workshops/gatherings

  • 3 one-to-one coaching sessions including using the Bead Trail® technique

  • Nature-based learning activities (learning in, with and from nature)

  • Using TetraMap® to understand yourself, others and the world around you

  • A range of self-directed learning activities including creative activities, stories and storytelling, and reflective journaling


Through these activities you’ll be supported to develop your inner awareness, to identify and address your own narrative about yourself and about leadership, to discover and use techniques and practical skills, and use your unique gifts and talents to grow your outer activist.  You’ll understand who you are and what matters to you and translate this into a personal purpose or vision which enriches your own life and the lives of others.

Listen to Nicki talking to Karen Black from HubFizz about Holistic Leadership and a nature-based approach to leadership development here.

Offering fresh concepts and innovative thinking, it is a programme that asks you to show up with your whole self, be brave and trust the process. A life-changing journey that has not only given me confidence in my leadership but has changed my outlook on life in general" 
Angela Fessi, Artistic Director, NEW Dance

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Who is it for?

  • Organisers, thinkers, dreamers, doers

  • Innovators, pioneers, bridge-builders or change-makers

  • People who want to make a difference in their life, team, organisation, community, or in the wider world

  • People who want to do their bit to contribute to ecological, social and cultural transformation

If you feel the call to work on something bigger than yourself - something more meaningful, something that generates change or makes a positive difference - then this programme will give you what you need to make it happen.