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Nature Practitioner


Creating connections and sharing information and resources so that we all flourish - just like the Wood-Wide Web 

A fundamental shift is needed in the way we all live and work in order to create a regenerative, fair, healthy, and loving world where the future of our planet and the vast interconnected web of life is protected, where justice and dignity prevail for all, where communities are healthy, happy and safe, and where workplaces make employees feel good about themselves and their work. Those of us using nature-based or nature-inspired approaches are all doing our bit to help promote this shift - we're helping people to live and work differently in order to create a regenerative future for people, organisations, communities and the natural environment. 


By connecting with each other, sharing with each other, supporting each other, and learning from each other, we can amplify our impact and make even more of a difference, both individually and collectively. The Nature Practitioner Network aims to bring together trainers, facilitators and coaches who are using nature-based or nature-inspired approaches so that we can become stronger and more influential in our work.  We all know that trees in a woodland grow bigger, stronger, and healthier through sharing information and resources with each other, and so these events are an opportunity for us to do the same.  This is a new and growing network, so  gatherings are initially being held online, but ideally we will also come together face-to-face at least once a year.  If you'd like to find out more about the network and its aims, purpose and format contact Nicki

Online events will combine time and space for getting to know each other better with a skills or information-sharing workshop, which is facilitated either by a member of the network or an invited guest. Afterwards, there is the opportunity to grab a cup of tea and stay online for informal conversation. 

Our first event is on Friday 3rd November and will run as follows:

2.30pm     Welcome, introductions, and getting to know each other

3.15pm     Sharing ideas and experiences: How do we translate nature's principles                    into learning opportunities?

4.15pm     Review and ideas/offerings for future gatherings

4.30pm     Close

4.30-5pm  Informal chat time for those who want to stick around a bit longer


These events are designed for trainers, facilitators, or coaches who use nature-based or nature-inspired approaches to help individuals, teams, or organisations to learn and grow.


There are a maximum of 16 places per event so book now to be sure of your place.  


Friday 3rd November  2.30 - 4.30pm (UK time)

Dates for 2024 tbc


Cost:   £18 (incl. vat) 

Watch this video to find out how Saltbox helps people to learn in, with and from nature 

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