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Online TetraMap Taster Workshops

Discover the power of TetraMap for free!


In this FREE online workshop you'll discover the power of TetraMap by trying it out and exploring how it can be applied both for personal growth and for organisational development.

TetraMap® is a simple but powerful learning model and practical tool which helps individuals, teams and organisations to be more effective by transforming the way they communicate, collaborate, make decisions, solve problems, and plan projects or strategies. It provides a framework for looking at ourselves, our colleagues, our workplaces and the world around us in order to understand ourselves and others better, to communicate and collaborate more effectively, to harness and make the most of the diversity within teams or organisations, and to be more sustainable and holistic in all our activities.

Join us for one of these engaging workshops and you’ll get to…

  • Learn how TetraMap uses metaphors from nature to enable people to understand themselves, others, and their team or organisation

  • Try out the digital version of the tool to find out your own elemental preferences

  • Explore the range of ways in which TetraMap can be used – from team building to leadership development and from conflict resolution to strategic planning

  • Use TetraMap to help you look at situations and challenges from diverse perspectives

® ​TetraMap is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and other countries.

Dates and Times

There are a maximum of 10 places per workshop so book now to be sure of your place.  If there is sufficient demand we'll schedule more workshops.

It's Elemental: Book you place on one of our free online TetraMap taster sessions:


Facilitated by Nicki Davey, Master TetraMap Facilitator

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