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Learning and training


Leadership and Organisational Development


  • Improving staff wellbeing: Loads of simple ideas which cost next to nothing to put into practice but will help to make people feel good.

  • De-stress at your desk: Easy exercises to reduce stress, increase energy, improve concentration  and combat the effects of prolonged computer use without leaving the office!

  • De-stress at your desk - The video: Showing you how to do the exercises without having to read the instructions!

  • Resilience Questionnaire: Find out which areas you need to focus on to increase your resilience

  • The 6 Keys to resilience: For use with our Resilience Questionnaire - an explanation of what helps you to be more resilient

  • When the Tension Goes: When you’re not feeling great about something, or someone, or about yourself, here are some things you can do to feel a bit better.


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