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Leadership Lessons from Nature

A series of online workshops exploring key principles from nature 
that will help us to be better leaders

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Lead like a Wolf

Friday 19th April 10-11am

In the wild, wolves share leadership (the alpha wolf concept only applies in captivity). What does this shared leadership look like, what can we learn from it, and how can we apply it in our own leadership?


Share Like a Tree

Wednesday 15th May 2-3pm

Trees communicate and collaborate with each other via the “Wood-Wide Web”. How does this vast, interconnected network work and what can we learn as leaders about sharing resources and information with each other?


Understand Your Ecosystem

Tuesday 25th June 10-11am

Nature is a complex collection of interconnected, interdependent systems, where every factor depends on every other factor, either directly or indirectly. As leaders, how can we make use of our own ecosystem to generate positive change in our workplaces and the world around us?


Hang like Kelp

Friday 20th September 10-11am

The structure of kelp enables it to provide one of the most productive and dynamic ecosystems on Earth by combining firmness with flexibility and visibility. What does this tell us and how can we get the right balance in our own lives and leadership?


Work at the Edges

Tues 22nd October 2-3pm

The space where different natural habitats meet is known as an “ecotone” and is home to a greater diversity and density of species, known as the “edge effect”. As leaders, how can we harness the Edge Effect to encourage and engage more diverse perspectives and approaches?

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Be Symbiotic Like Lichen

Thursday 21st November 10-11am

Lichen is made up of two distinct separate organisms, both of which both are necessary for its survival. This symbiosis makes it a pioneer organism which can colonise and thrive in the most extreme environments. How can we develop symbiotic relationships that enable us to thrive as leaders in a challenging world?

COST:  £18 per workshop (incl VAT) or free for members of the Leading For Good Collective

There are a maximum of 20 places per workshop so book now to be sure of your place. 

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