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Introduction to Nature at Work course
Engaging with nature to improve individual, team and organisational effectiveness

Engaging with Nature improves communication, collaboration, trust, learning, engagement, creativity and problem solving – all key features of a successful workplace.


Nature’s 4.5 billion years of experience also provides us with wisdom, lessons, insights and ideas that we can use to improve the way our teams and organisations work. 


Join us for this online course and discover how to harness the power of nature in order to make a meaningful and lasting difference to your business, team, organisation, or community.

  • Learn about nature's positive impact on individuals, teams and organisations

  • Engage with nature on a deeper level and experience her power to transform our thoughts, emotions and actions

  • Learn how to access the power of nature to inspire, influence, inform and enrich your workplace

  • Explore nature’s 4.5 billion-year record as a sustainability expert and learn how to apply her wisdom in your team or organisation

  • Try out some simple techniques that you can use to enable others in your organisation to engage with and learn from nature

  • Discover how engaging with nature causes us to become more environmentally aware, make more ethical decisions and act more sustainably

On a practical level, the course is comprised of 2 online workshops, with enjoyable, practical nature-based activities to complete in your own time between the workshops. 

Dates and Times

This course is comprised of 2 x 2.5 hour workshops with self-directed activities to be completed between the workshops


There are a maximum of 10 places per workshop so book now to be sure of your place.  If there is sufficient demand we'll schedule more workshops.

Wednesday 29th June  2 - 4.30pm and

Wednesday 6th July    2 - 4.30pm

Cost:   £105 + vat 


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