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Team Development

We  transform the way teams work together by creating and running inspirational, enjoyable team days as well as facilitating ongoing team support and development programmes. 


We help teams to break down barriers, open up communication channels, unlock creativity, and generate trust in a variety of creative, inspiring ways including...

  • Working outdoors and using nature as a development tool

  • Creative activities

  • Games and team challenges

  • Facilitated discussions in a safe and structured environment

  • TetraMap® 

We use TetraMap® with teams because by using the four Elements of nature as a metaphor to describe different preferences, perspectives and priorities, teams have a shared language and a safe way of exploring how they work together. Team members each complete a TetraMap profile to identify their own Elemental preferences and those of colleagues. We then use this understanding to explore how they work as a team, how it affects communication and relationships both within the team and outside the team, and how they can be more effective as a team, as well as using it as a framework to develop a shared team vision, values and objectives.


Our team development events and programmes typically focus on one or more of the following:

  • Increasing team spirit, morale, and motivation

  • Helping people get to know and understand each other better

  • Enabling team members to appreciate and harness diversity within the group

  • Identifying, valuing and using the preferences, strengths and skills within the team effectively

  • Increasing trust 

  • Improving communication 

  • Promoting greater collaboration within and between teams

  • Developing or reviewing team vision or strategy

  • Identifying and agreeing shared goals and plans

"Thank you so much for facilitating our team Awayday - it was emotional, heartfelt, inspiring, informative and uplifting. You held the space for us very safely, got us through the tears and laughter, and did it brilliantly!"

Joss Saunders, Oxfam

"There have been lots of learnings about self and others and this has brought great clarity and understanding about why colleagues respond in a certain way. Very helpful indeed - many thanks for such a great few days." Janet Blikmans, Soil Association


"The team found your session so useful and people now better understand each other – I have even had someone tell me that they now feel this is the best team they have ever worked in. Quick results - I’m delighted!"

Heather Mohammend, Abbeyfield

"Staff were particularly energised by the outdoor activity and many were surprised by their previously unexplored creative side"  

Claire Perriton, ARA


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