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Nature at Work

“He who is in harmony with Nature hits the mark without effort and apprehends the truth without thinking.”  Confucius




By acknowledging and nurturing our connection with nature and by looking to nature for solutions, inspiration and ideas, we can create real and lasting benefits for individuals, teams, organisations, and the planet.


Nature at Work is an approach to individual, team and organisational development which involves:

  • Applying nature’s principles to planning and decision-making.

  • Solving problems by drawing on planet Earth’s 4.5 billion years of experience and wisdom.

  • Looking to nature for ideas, inspiration, and lessons.

  • Connecting with nature for improved wellbeing, creativity, and engagement.


We can help you and your team or organisation to benefit from the power, magic, and wisdom of nature by...

  • Facilitating nature immersion experiences.

  • Running training programmes that incorporate learning in, with, and from nature.

  • Facilitating nature-based team days.

  • Creating organisational development activities and processes using metaphors and lessons from nature.

  • Using our Nature at Work Framework as a tool for organisational evaluation and development.

Nature at Work

Download our Nature at Work inspiration book for information and ideas for engaging your workplace with nature.

Nature at Work

Use our Nature at Work Framework to evaluate and develop your team or organisation.


Take part in one of our online or face-to-face Nature at Work workshops.

"Nicki worked with us to strengthen the engagement of the diverse teams at Soil Association with our brand. We both shared a belief in the power of nature and Nicki used her experience and creativity to bring this to life in a series of workshops. The reaction has been excellent. Having our screens connecting us and nature just out of the door meant a truly memorable opportunity for reappraisal."
Ian Ayling, Strategy and Marketing Director, The Soil Association

Nature activity

"Connecting with, and being in nature has been such a powerful tool... for challenging patterns of behaviour and developing a new sense of purpose."

Annie Surtees, Greenspace and Streetscene Manager, Salford City Council

Nature at Work outdoors
Team development in nature
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