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Nature-based leadership development

Natural Learning

We create opportunities for learners to learn in, with, and from nature.


Humans have evolved to function best in nature-rich surroundings.  Being connected to nature improves our cognitive functioning, memory, creativity and problem-solving ability - which enables us to learn better. We use nature to aid learning by...

  • Bringing nature into the training room

  • Working outdoors in nature

  • Using nature as metaphor

  • Finding lessons in nature's timeless principles

  • Looking to nature for ideas and inspiration

  • Using TetraMap and the four elements of nature.

A holistic approach to learning

Holistic Learning

We engage the body, mind, heart and spirit of learners.


People learn more deeply and intensely when their whole person is engaged. We generate meaningful learning, powerful insights, and behavioural change by involving...


  • Body:  Learners are physically relaxed, use all their senses,  move around, and do lots of practical, hands-on activities

  • Mind: Learners analyse ideas, explore different perspectives, and solve problems to create new neural pathways in the brain.

  • Heart: Learners experience positive emotions in a supportive space where they share with, and learn from each other.

  • Spirit: Learners express their true inner self, find meaning and purpose, and connect with the wonder and energy of life.

Creative activities

Creative Learning

We use creative activities which stimulate learners' curiosity and imagination.


By using activities such as collage-making,  drawing, writing poems and stories, building models, creating sculptures,  mask-making, or designing mandalas, ​we help learners to...

  • Express their true, authentic selves

  • ​Access and explore their ideas and feelings

  • ​Look at things in new ways and see new perspectives

  • Explore possibilities and choices and think more flexibly

  • Break down barriers and work productively with others

Brain-friendly learning

 Brain-friendly Learning

We use approaches which correspond with the way the human brain likes to learn.

Neuroscience and psychology are discovering more and more about how the brain works. We use these findings to create the best possible conditions for learning. We...


  • Create an enriched, stimulating learning environment

  • Involve multiple regions of the brain at the same time to create strong, easily retrievable memories

  • Arouse learners’ curiosity to gain and maintain their attention and motivation

  • Change the brain (neuroplasticity) so that learners develop new habits and behaviour​

  • Enable learners to find answers for themselves

  • Create an optimum emotional state for learning .



We use TetraMap because it's a simple but powerful tool that uses nature as a metaphor


It uses nature's elements  - Earth, Air, Water and Fire - to help people to understand themselves and others better, communicate and collaborate more effectively, and harness the diversity within their team or organisation. TetraMap helps to:

  • Improve performance

  • Build better teams

  • Reduce silo working

  • Develop organisational culture

  • Plan and evaluate projects and activities

  • Develop leadership 

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