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SpiderWeb Inspiring Leadership Programme

Develop the strength and flexibility of spider's silk

Our unique SpiderWeb Inspiring Leadership Programme offers a profound and transformational experience which gives people the confidence and self-awareness to lead themselves and others successfully and ethically in order to help create a better future for their team, organisation, people and the planet.

Based on the four Elemental leadership principles of Courage, Wisdom, Compassion and Vision, the programme covers our 8 essential threads of inspiring leadership and the connections between them. 


A spider’s web is gossamer thin yet stronger than steel. Its strength comes from the interconnectedness of all its elements. Similarly, the SpiderWeb Programme builds on the internal skills which combine to create a strong leader who is effective in all aspects of their life and work. While the inner wheel represents our internal selves, the outer wheel represents how we relate to and affect others around us.


This highly experiential programme provides valuable time and space to look at ourselves and the way we work in a new light. A safe and supportive environment with strong peer support is created so that everyone gets the most out of the programme, which is delivered through:

  • Group workshops

  • One-to-one coaching

  • Outdoor, nature-based learning

  • TetraMap®

  • Creative activities such as collage -making and reflective journalling

  • Empowerment activities such as glass-walking

"The continuous flow of ideas and experiments, deep conversation and life-changing moments had a profound effect on me, and I now have a deeper understanding of myself, as well as tools, perspectives, and experiences to help me lead myself and my business."
Jo Munroe, Director, The Nourishing Lives Foundation

“The SpiderWeb Programme has given me insight into my leadership style, an understanding of the importance of communicating vision, values and “whys”, and the ability and confidence to put these into practice." 
Amanda Headley-White, Chair, Cherry Orchards Therapeutic Community

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