Trainers Exchange

Networking, learning and sharing for trainers, L&D professionals, and facilitators of learning

Trainers Exchange is a lively, enjoyable quarterly event where people involved in learning or training get together to learn, share and have fun together.

If you're a trainer, training manager, or are involved in learning and development in some way it's an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded people in the sector, share your ideas and experiences with others, and develop your own skills and knowledge. The meetings are a friendly, supportive space where everyone can get to know each other, learn from each other, work together, and have fun together. A perfect opportunity for you to:

  • Keep abreast of current best practice in training, learning and development

  • Learn and practice new approaches and techniques for enhancing training

  • Share tried and tested tips, techniques and ideas with others

  • Try out new, untested ideas on the group and receive constructive feedback

  • Gain support, feedback and ideas from the group

Our next event on 25th September will be online.


The day will consist of two online sessions in the morning and the afternoon, with self-directed activities to carry out during the middle part of the day.


An Introduction to LEGO® Serious Play® with Shirley Gaston, Director of Azesta
Lego Serious Play (LSP) is a facilitation technique that encourages greater participation from all learners in an informal and collaborative atmosphere. It does this by helping everyone contribute and ensuring everyone's voice is heard. It works well on-line and as part of face-to-face training sessions. In this session we will take part in some skills-building exercises, look at the principles and methodology behind Lego® Serious Play® and think about how we might incorporate these little bricks into our facilitation. As part of this session, you will receive some Lego which you can keep to re-use or post back afterwards for Shirley to re-use. 

Managing Our Emotional State to be Better Trainers with Gabby Prowse
As trainers and facilitators of learning, we can sometimes find ourselves in an unhelpful, negative emotional state (self-doubting, stressed, irritated or even angry) which may be the result of people or events in the training itself, workplace stress, or factors outside our work. By heightening our awareness of our emotions we can gain insight into what’s really happening, and if we understand what’s triggering these emotions then we have more opportunity to transform them, use them constructively, and create better experiences for learners. In this session, Gabby will draw on work by Dr Eve Ekman Ph.D. and Dr. Kristin Neff to help us to manage our emotional state so that we can be more effective as trainers and learning facilitators.


Using Neuroscience to Influence Learners with Kaiseemi Chengapen-Joshi
Have you ever wondered why, even when presenting concrete evidence in a discussion, it doesn’t always have the desired influence you were hoping for? In this short session, Kaisee will use neuroscientific evidence to help us recognise early signs when arguments could be leading to a dead-end, find common ground in discussions through effective use of data, and support others to shift their beliefs and change their behaviours.

I've met a great group of like-minded people, gained new ideas and inspiration and even had the opportunity to trial short training sessions and receive feedback from my peers. Invaluable.”  Rod Webb, Director, Glasstap


"Great value, great energiser, and great fun. It feels like you are having the equivalent of an oil change!" Phil Hawthorne, One Step Ahead Training.

"Trainers' Exchange is a brilliant forum for sharing ideas with other trainers and finding out about topics relevant to the training world, as well as for having fun with like-minded professionals.  I wouldn't miss it!"    Rose Walker, L&D Manager, Veale Wasbrough Vizards


Face-to-face events: £65 + vat

Online events:  £45 + vat

Places are limited so book early to be sure of your place.