Trainers Exchange

Networking, learning and sharing for trainers, L&D professionals, and facilitators of learning

Trainers Exchange is a lively, enjoyable quarterly event where people involved in learning or training get together to learn, share and have fun together.

If you're a trainer, training manager, or are involved in learning and development in some way it's an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded people in the sector, share your ideas and experiences with others, and develop your own skills and knowledge. The meetings are a friendly, supportive space where everyone can get to know each other, learn from each other, work together, and have fun together. A perfect opportunity for you to:

  • Keep abreast of current best practice in training, learning and development

  • Learn and practice new approaches and techniques for enhancing training

  • Share tried and tested tips, techniques and ideas with others

  • Try out new, untested ideas on the group and receive constructive feedback

  • Gain support, feedback and ideas from the group

Our next event on 18th December will be online.


The day will run from 10am-4pm and will consist of two online sessions in the morning and the afternoon, with self-directed activities to carry out during the middle part of the day.


Building impactful learning journeys with Mark Williams from GiraffePad

As trainers and facilitators we pride ourselves on our ability to create engaging learning environments, to work with diverse groups of people and weave our creative magic so that our sessions are impactful whether that be face to face or virtual. But our impact on learners can often start and finish in the room or zoom. How do we ensure that our impact is felt before the session starts and long after they finish to create full learning journeys that properly engage learners and increase the stickiness of their learning? In this session we'll look at 5 key steps to building impactful learning journeys – whether for a short workshop or long-term programme, and create a smorgasbord of practical ideas that you can take away and use to make every learning session you facilitate a full learning journey for learners.

Paying attention to our creative selves with Fiona Macbeth from An Inside Story 

 As trainers and educators we know that story and metaphor is a powerful way of communicating meaning. Vital information that’s communicated within a story is more readily and accurately recalled than information alone. Exploring something through metaphor enables us to understand more deeply and wisely than if explained only in plain terms, because metaphor (and story) allow space for wisdom to flourish. In this session Fiona will share her approach for exploring issues or questions through story and illustrated characters. 


A Yuletide Review with Nicki Davey from Saltbox 

2020 has been a year of surprises and shocks, grief and joy, challenges and opportunities, transitions and awakenings. As facilitators of learning we all understand the importance of taking time to reflect on and learn from our experiences, so this session will be an opportunity to do just that. We'll draw on ancient Celtic wisdom about nature's seasonal cycles and the Yuletide story of the Holly King and the Oak King to help us identify what we have learnt this year and how we want to move forward into 2021.

I've met a great group of like-minded people, gained new ideas and inspiration and even had the opportunity to trial short training sessions and receive feedback from my peers. Invaluable.”  Rod Webb, Director, Glasstap


"Great value, great energiser, and great fun. It feels like you are having the equivalent of an oil change!" Phil Hawthorne, One Step Ahead Training.

"Trainers' Exchange is a brilliant forum for sharing ideas with other trainers and finding out about topics relevant to the training world, as well as for having fun with like-minded professionals.  I wouldn't miss it!"    Rose Walker, L&D Manager, Veale Wasbrough Vizards


Face-to-face events: £65 + vat

Online events:  £45 + vat

Places are limited so book early to be sure of your place.