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Trainers Exchange

Networking, learning and sharing for trainers, L&D professionals, and facilitators of learning

Trainers Exchange is a lively, enjoyable quarterly event where people involved in learning or training get together to learn, share and have fun together.

If you're a trainer, training manager, or are involved in learning and development in some way it's an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded people in the sector, share your ideas and experiences with others, and develop your own skills and knowledge. The meetings are a friendly, supportive space where everyone can get to know each other, learn from each other, work together, and have fun together. A perfect opportunity for you to:

  • Keep abreast of current best practice in training, learning and development

  • Learn and practice new approaches and techniques for enhancing training

  • Share tried and tested tips, techniques and ideas with others

  • Try out new, untested ideas on the group and receive constructive feedback

  • Gain support, feedback and ideas from the group

Dates for 2022 Trainers Exchange events: 

Friday 28th January,  Friday 24th June, Friday 30th September and Friday 16th December 2022

Details for 24th June 10am-4pm

This will be an online event

The day will run from 10am-4pm with a long lunch break where you'll have some self-directed activities to carry out away from the screen. The workshops will be:

What is mine to do? Trainers for Climate Change 

with Tanya Nash from Future Clarity

The impacts of climate change and the urgency to do something about it dominates the headlines.  But as trainers, what is ours to do when it comes to doing our bit to tackle climate change?  How is it relevant for our training, our daily lives and the communities that we are part of? Using participatory methods, Tanya will introduce the basics of climate change, and explore how climate change is important in for us personally, for our work as trainers and for our communities, and what we can start to do about it. She will share access to resources and people who can support us as trainers as we look to do our bit to reduce our impact on the climate and work towards a more sustainable future. 

Creating Psychological Safety for Learning
Nicki Davey from Saltbox
Psychological safety is essential in a learning environment: Whether it's in a training room, on Zoom, or in the workplace, learners must feel that they can express themselves openly and honestly and be vulnerable without fear of negative consequences. When psychological safety is present in a group environment, people feel safe to engage, to challenge each other's thinking, and to take risks - all of which are essential for meaningful learning to take place. In this workshop we'll explore the effect of psychological safety on learning and how as trainers/facilitators we can create psychological safety in the learning environment.

Get organised to deliver
With Sarah Willcox from 

Delivering the right training and development at the right time can be a challenge. Making sure you know exactly what is needed, and the best time to deliver is critical. And this is just as true whether you’re working in-house or providing training to a client, so an approach that allows you to draw on the best ideas, collaborate effectively, and deliver real benefits is invaluable, and an Agile approach to delivery covers all these bases. Fairisle use this approach to great effect in a range of settings because it allows you to deliver to the needs of the organisation, its resources, and the time available. It’s also a great way to grow stronger as a team. In this interactive session Sarah will share some of their techniques so that you can take them away for use on your next project.

I've met a great group of like-minded people, gained new ideas and inspiration and even had the opportunity to trial short training sessions and receive feedback from my peers. Invaluable.”  Rod Webb, Director, Glasstap



"Great value, great energiser, and great fun. It feels like you are having the equivalent of an oil change!" Phil Hawthorne, One Step Ahead Training.


"Trainers' Exchange is a brilliant forum for sharing ideas with other trainers and finding out about topics relevant to the training world, as well as for having fun with like-minded professionals.  I wouldn't miss it!"    Rose Walker, L&D Manager, Veale Wasbrough Vizards


Dates for 2022

28th January (online)

25th March (online)

24th June (online or F2F - tbc)

30th September (F2F if possible)

16th December (online)


Face-to-face events: £85 + vat

Online events:  £55 + vat

Places are limited so book early to be sure of your place.

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